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The site for exploring the unknown and the unseen that we can only feel

Our Vision is to Connect, Synergize and Futurize the World
Believing that we are all related to each other by things we don't fully understand yet

Albert Einstein quote :"The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has attained liberation from the self.

The website is dedicated to all those who seek for greater enlightment, peace and harmony in a world that seems to be filled with confusion, war and unrest.

It is about things which we call spiritual which has a common thread through all men but not necessarily religious though religion is acknowledged as an important part of the world. It is the intention of the author not to create another division that further separates men from each other but to connect, synergize and futurize the world to make it a better place for all.

The creator and author of this website makes a profound claim that he is only an ordinary person with gifts common to all men ie A heart that can feel and sense, A mind that can learn and think and last but not least, a spirit that can understand and communicate beyond what the heart and mind can do.

This website is created at a special time in the life of the author. He has passed the half century mark in his mortal life where he has been well exposed to the Body, Mind and Spirit phases of life to write and share his experiences and interpretations thereof.

He does this and claim full responsibility for it so that all will know that it does not necessarily reflect the views of his family members, his business associates or his religious affiliates; all of whom are growing in numbers as the author himself grows in his age.

To add further meaning and increase the spiritual state as the author begins designing this website, he would undertake a spiritual fast of one without food and water for 3 days. He hopes by doing this, he can have the true spirit to share what he thinks and feels are optimal expressions of his body, mind and spirit working as one.

From the creator and author     

"I am that I am(King James Bible & Torah), Doubt everything, find your own light (Gautama Buddha).
Do you love your Creator? Love your fellow beings first (Prophet Muhammad), God is Consciousness that pervades the entire universe of the living and the non-living (Ramakrishna) "

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